The idea of healing and wellness has been subjective since time began. Kuponya provides another perspective to utilize when exercising self-care. Kuponya is healing; our founding therapist, Shah, is a firm believer that touch is powerful. From birth, we require skin-to-skin sensations to develop a sense of comfort and assurance. This need is still present within us, and actually requires more detail now than it did then. Massage is one of the most direct ways to implement touch for healing. Individuals that suffer from chronic headaches, poor circulation, anxiety and depression, amongst, a host of additional ailments, will find the benefits of massage to be life changing. Incorporate massage into your lifestyle and begin the journey to superior healing and wellness. 



Swedish Massage

This modality is the most familiar and widely performed type of therapeutic massage. This type of massage focuses on relaxing muscles; specifically targeting superficial muscles and increasing blood circulation. The benefits of Swedish Massage include pain management, rehabilitation for muscular injuries, reduced stress, blood circulation, and an overall improvement in immunity. 

Feature Massage 

This massage allows the client to control the specificity of the massage. If a client has a problem area, we will focus our efforts to relieve pain and tension in the area. This massage is popular for those with severe low back pain, tension headaches and temporomandipular joint dysfunction (TMJD). 

Deep Tissue Massage

Contrasting Swedish massage, which has a relaxing appeal and utilizes softer pressure, deep tissue massage is done using deep pressure so as to penetrate the deepest layers of fascia, muscle tissue and tendons. Deep tissue massage has several therapeutic effects and can be used to treat many different conditions. Some of the benefits of this modality includes an increase in joint mobility, a breakdown of scar tissue,  lowered blood pressure, reduction in pain and relief of pain associated with arthritis. 

Hot Stone & Cold Stone Massage

Stone massages usually combine with full body Swedish Massage. The stones are used to help promote relaxation and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout the body. Some of the benefits of hot stone massage include relief from pain linked to fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions, a decrease in pain and muscle spasms and a reduction in chronic stress and tension. The benefits of Cold Stone massage includes a reduction in inflammation, decreases in soreness, high blood pressure and menstrual pain and restored energy levels. 


Reflexology is an integrative treatment for a variety of conditions and has been in use for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians have documented practices similar to reflexology as a treatment for certain afflictions like diabetes, asthma and circulatory issues. The massage involves the therapist applying pressure to specific areas in the hands and feet that affect certain reflex areas of the body. Some of the benefits of Reflexology include an improvement in nerve function, boosted energy levels, an increased speed in healing, elimination of toxins, reduction in migraines and nervous system stimulation.

Myofascial Release 

Myofascial release techniques relax and lengthen muscles and soft tissues. Some of the benefits include pain reduction associated with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders, relief of pain from TMJD, back pain, migraine headaches and muscle and joint pain. 

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is, subjectively, a necessity throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Although contraindicated in the first trimester, prenatal massage is linked to a wide variety of health benefits for mother and baby. Some of the benefits of prenatal massage include reduction in stress, muscle cramps or spasms, swelling, pain associated with stress on joints bearing new weight. 

Salt Scrub

Give your skin new life and a healthy glow with a body scrub. Kuponya’s body scrubs provide a beneficial way to restore your skin’s luster. Combining specific salts, sugars, or coffees with an invigorating oil, provides a healing experience to the skin by; hydrating the skin, removing dead skin cells and clearing blemishes. Some of the benefits of this massage include a stimulation of blood circulation, drainage of lymph nodes, and an internal detoxification.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a highly suggested therapeutic practice for all athletes. Athletes experience a relief in muscle pain and tension, an improvement in connective tissue healing, and stabilized cortisol levels (a stress hormone, similar to adrenaline). The sports massage given in our timed sessions differ than those given during sporting events, however it does incorporate stretching with high energy and joint mobility massage. Sports massage produces benefits such as a reduction in heart rate, lowered blood pressure, reduction in recovery time after an injury along with the rehabbing of an injury. 

Chair Massage

Chair massage is often used in high stress locations like airports, conventions and  malls but it is also used a lot in private therapeutic massage sessions as well. Chair massage is convenient because of it’s simplicity; the sessions are no longer than a half hour and does not require clothing to be removed. This is a benefit for those that are in need of a quick rejuvenation in addition to those that could utilize this method of touch for rehabilitative treatments. Some of the other benefits of chair massage include relief of pain from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, reduction in chronic migraines or  headaches and relief of pain carried in the neck and shoulders. 

Infant & Child Massage

Infant massage goes beyond a rub down after a bath. It incorporates a series of consecutive strokes, specific to baby and has shown proven benefits. Infant massage involves mindfully engaging with the baby, recognizing nonverbal communication and creatively adapting touch to support the child's sensory needs and capabilities. Whether your baby is a newborn or several years old, massage can bring immediate and lasting results. Some of the benefits of this massage include an improvement in sleep, promotion of healthy brain development and improvement in digestion. Massage also stimulates the growth hormone, which is essential for infant born preterm, or babies who struggle with weight gain. 

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